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Everyone should get to choose. Most Americans don’t.

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Change starts with you

For millions of Americans with life-threatening illnesses, medical decisions are made for them. But they don’t know that. Often our “one-size-fits-all” healthcare system defaults to treatments that cause needless pain and suffering – even after these treatments no longer provide a path back to health.

You deserve the whole truth. You deserve to be in control.

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Change Starts with You

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Who we are

Truth in Treatment™ is a new initiative founded by Compassion & Choices to give people with life-threatening illnesses the support, opportunity and courage to live life to the fullest even as illnesses advance. We are igniting a social movement that will empower and educate people so they can make fully informed healthcare choices and live their remaining time on their own terms — transforming our health system for all who follow.

“Americans have lost control of their healthcare destiny. Our healthcare system ignores people’s hopes and worries, and prescribes treatments that rob them of the quality of life they want and deserve. We need to regain control over our healthcare. Only then can we live life on our own terms.”

Barbara Coombs

Barbara Coombs Lee

President, Compassion & Choices

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The Trust Card™ helps you build a trusting doctor-patient relationship by clearly conveying your values in a respectful and friendly manner.

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Share Your Story

Your story of obtaining a care plan that puts you in charge could inspire the next movement in end-of-life care.

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