How do you want to spend your last days?

Everyone should get to choose. Most Americans don’t.

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Change starts with you

For millions of Americans with life-threatening illnesses, medical decisions are made for them. But they don’t know that. Often our “one-size-fits-all” healthcare system defaults to treatments that cause needless pain and suffering — even after these treatments no longer provide a path back to health.

You deserve the whole truth. You deserve to be in control.

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Change Starts with You

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Who we are

Truth in Treatment™ is a new initiative founded by Compassion & Choices to help people with advanced illnesses maintain control of their healthcare. We are igniting a social movement to end an epidemic of overtreatment at the end of life.

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Your story of living despite dying could inspire the next movement in end-of-life care.

“Our national healthcare system routinely subjects patients with advanced illness to futile tests and treatments. The burdens and side effects reduce quality of life and override individual priorities. Both doctors and patients fall victim to the conveyor belt approach, the default option of ever more treatment, and no one benefits. When we learn to abandon the medical assembly line, patients’ care will finally match their values.”

Barbara Coombs

Barbara Coombs Lee

President, Compassion & Choices

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